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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Call Me

Dj Frederic / Blondie - Call Me REMIX 2012


                                                                         CALL ME!

it's actually just THAT simple.
WHY'S IT SO GODAMNED HARD TO GET THESE FAGGOTS TO PICK UP THE FUCKIN' CELL PHONE THEY ALREADY GOT IN THEIR HAND AND ACTUALLY, INSTEAD OF HITTING THE TEXT BUTTON, JUST HIT THE CALL BUTTON. HELLO! I WANNA TAK TO U, GET IT ACROSS IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES AND MOVE THE FUCK ON! OK! now, if i give u my cell, it means, go ahead baby, i'm rready to talk, u wanna do this? lets make it happen, today, cause mama is old n tierd n i got a trick coming over at 8 and i cant have my fingers get all full of arthritis, ok! call me!



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