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Friday, November 9, 2012

--------- (REMIX) ---------

Video Killed the Radio Star (REMIX)

there's a new star on the horizon.
it looks shinier than the rest, more brilliance, brighter color, better sound! many features have been so updated, they had to come up with new names...i'm not saying they are just "better than" the rest, i am saying they revolutionized the entire industry in merely seconds.

and so, who is this brilliane owed to? what God do we need to kneel down and pray to for thanks,  please, forgive us for not stepping up to the plate earlier, for having the dream of uniting the entire world with simple tiny sentences that don't seem to mean a thing, but in fact, speak volumes. why are we are so stupid! why are we so lame, what made us think we could ever be so wise as to ever imagine something so revolutionized, revolutionary and revolutionintelligentless as to leave us speechless. why?
why not?
because everyone now has the basic knowledge, and so, everyone can somehow try and compete, although it's hard to compete with the wisest ones who have followers around the globe, even planet, quite probably even further...

everyone's an internet sensation these days, everyone has their own "porn" video on x-tube, or a showcased 3 minute spot on youtube showing them lift weights, flex, say stupid things, pretend to sing, juggle, dive, drive, whatever, it's there for you to show them all just what you're made of, who you are, how you became such a star with not nearly any qualifying skills or knowledge...but yet, you can "tweet", "cam", and even "text", you now know how and why the crazy people never have to leave their homes, it's because they are all blogging, and so, making the world a better place for humanity.
here's some good ones to know about....










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