i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


as was very typical for him...
although he talked and talked
virtually non-stop,
and about anything...
to ANYONE who would listen,
he really had absolutely nothing
of importance at all to say.
but that didn't stop him anyway...

can't sleep, again, i just toss and turn, right side, left side, fix the pillows, re-fix them, start again..oooh, now i'm thirsty...so i get up, and while i'm there i decide i should try and pee before i head back to bed. so on the way to the bathroom i pass the computer, and think it wise to check my mail..cause i always get important mail at 4am...so, after facebook, gmail, and a piece of pumpkin pie, i decide that i will cruise around and find what things might excite me...and, somehow, i stumble across this Unm Thurman sex link, which is really inly badly Photoshoped porn pics with Uma's head pasted on...yet...i'm intrigued..

           why didn't i think of          that?
 cause i'm too busy doing nothing...i guess...

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