i was almost an abortion

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Glitch In My Day

Pink Floyd
- Another Brick In The Wall - (Mt. Vernon Remix) [1080p HD]

at a certain point of the day 
or night,
you look up at the clock,
and realize it's almost 4:30 am.
and you think to yourself...
you swear you got shit done all day,
                         but then...
well, maybe you did, but
maybe it was stuff you could have spent 
a little less
(like 8 hours) not doing,
and spent that time 
more wisely.
but sometimes you need that time 
for "personal" reasons.
and jacking off, 
definitely counts under that category...
so, thgat's what i did today..
and, um, Photoshop! 



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