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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wonderful Life

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Freemasons Remix)

tho his life, at the moment,
was not exactly what he had imagined,
it was still better than it had been just six monthsd prior.
that he could not deny.
and tho he knew that the road ahead was going to be bumpy
and mostly all up hill,
he also knew that he was strong,
he had survived worse,
and even tho he was older now than he was back then,
he was also stronger.
stronger willed at least.
he knew that whatever came toward him,
good or bad,
he could handle.
because. just because.
he knew.
he was a survivor,
and he was sure he hadn't even seen his worst day yet...
so for now,
at this second of time,
he would relax and ejoy,
laugh and maybe even cry if he wanted to...
it didn't matter,
because he was here.
he was here, now.
and right now,
that was enough.

don't let go
never give up...
accept your wonderfull life...








because tomorrow may never come,
and yesterday is already over,
can't be changed,
just a memory...
so you have this time, this moment,
this life...
i have seen too many good men go to soon lately.
tho these men lived their lives their way
with their own style and their own twists,
they burned out too soon.
but maybe,
that's part of the big picture i just cannot understand.
i miss u guys.
i thank u, i love u. i miss u.




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