i was almost an abortion

Monday, December 26, 2011

the road he chose long ago

today was a day
when it started i, should have ran,
but instead thought i must
try and be good, trust
and respect who i am
and begin once again,
like the times when i was in demand,
before i spoiled the grand plan
and rejected again
any chance to remain,
for my love to regain,
what once it had lost
years ago,
in those years sans control.

the show that was shown
opened eyes and exposed
feelings that had lost all control,
and become something else
drained any life
from diminished insights
and itself then reported
a life simply retarded.

was it true?
could it be?
is it that hard to see?
 how so easily manipulated
they choose to be
never shameful,
always lifted
her life depicted
was one looked up to
and admired
the way they were
like movie stars
like somethng special,
something great,
looks oh so close
but is oh so far,
they plan it that way to make you feel
the things here offered, could be real,
but real to whom?
who really cares,
those foolish ones who stop and stare?
i know, whatever,
it isn't fair.

and the sun went down, on his first day,
and poker players yelled
with much dismay
about a wild card gone astray.
this is how his day ended,
tomorrow must be better
the sun will shine
i'll last forever
from deep dark shadows to bright day light
my eyes will open, inisde i'll feel delight
for it's like the newborn
from todays tale,
 the one in a manger
the one for whom God really cared,
he chose to live out his destiny,
and become the true man he's supposed to be.
nothing to hide, no where to run,
caught, exposed, naked in the afternoon sun.
it's something truly unreal to feel
when you know deep inside that what you know is real.
no one can tell you anything else,
because it's your word,
it was done, it exists.
and the story will tell, as it unfolds,
of the off course this man took
and the road as it turned,
and the hills that arose
as he walked down that road he chose long ago