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Friday, January 20, 2012

suckin' off Al Parker's cock

suckin' off Al Parker's cock

brandon n vinny

bear fair photos 2010

Voices Inside My Head

in my head i hear voices

one says relax and shut up,

the other says go and don't stop till u drop,

they like to play tricks

and games they do play

on my poor little head

in my bed as i lay.

they make me want to dance

an uncontrollable dance,

from the tip to the toes

and by the seat of my pants.

and they make me want to know

what it's like, could i see

what it's like when a year is an anniversary for me.

but i know myself better,

and i'll fuck it up,

not for any other reason

except i know myself, but,

could this time be the time?

could this day be the day

wen my life takes it's turn

and again, i regain

control of myself,

of my dreams hopes and fears,

and look back on them kindly

in a couple of years.

this time is the time.

no more time to waste,

it's now or it's never

and you're alone in the race.

all u want

it's not like you come to me,
think of me,
or count on me,
when you want to read,


Aint Nobody

what a week.
i had anxiety and nausea all week.
but it's over.
i need to stand up,
take a step,
a big step.
i need to leap far,
jump high,
and run fast.
i'ts time.
i'm ready.
i hope.