i was almost an abortion

Sunday, August 19, 2012

P!nk - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

yea, me too.
i've had a shit day.
godamnit, a shit week!
no, YEAR!
not YEAR-S, yet, but...

sowhat, it' not like i aint had bad days before.at least i have a plan,
and it's a plan i actually feel is a mature,
actually intelligent one
where i've brushed off a lot of dead skin,
understood and stand who and what i'm dealing with,
and nowi feel like it's jus about done,
and in place.
i'm somewhat happy.
but season 14 is gonna be a calmer
more relaxed and meditational methods of
deling with what needs to be delt with.
i have a restraning order on me by my ex, whatever.
she of all people knows i'm the biggest drama queen of all.
don't he remember when he didnt buy me lunch when we first got Buddy?
i threw his damn lunch onto christopher st in the middle of june on a saturday!
and remember the time he was craked out and threw the 5 lb bag of flour into thekids another saturday afternoon in June on the poor drag queens?
the polce came too.
it's a funny past.
it makes me laugh
makes me smile,
and as much as my ex thinks im crazy,
he should remember the craziness is what brought us close for 15 years.
10 s fuck buds...
5 as bf's
and 4 as ex's.
20 years.
it isn't gonna end like this Bob...
u know how much i adore you, you always have,
so relax, please, and recall nice things,
maybe even u over reacted?
i know i always do...

it's sunday,
i'm babysitting the puppies,
and headed to bed.
i love you.
all of you.
i do...