i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

move on

after the hideous month and a half i've endured, i am praying to god that the tides have finally turned and a new sun is ready to rise, pick me up from the ground where i have be knocked, so far down, that my only reaction is a frown...so i hope and i pray that maybe this is the day, when all of the decay and bitter disarray that i've seen everyday since my life turned to gray, will become just a time when i was not doing fine...i seek nothing grand, but i hope one day to stand on my own two feet, an without missing a beat, turn my one incomplete life to something sweet. there has not been a day in the past year i'd say, when the walls didn't fall down everywhere, all around. it behooves me to think that what was once a life, quite unique, could be now, simply gone, this is my time to be strong for myself, and move on...