i was almost an abortion

Sunday, July 8, 2012

cam 4 :-)

SVgoofing around on cam 4

it's like any good novel.
has a beginning,
a middle,
and an end.
along the way though,
the characters go through various ups and downs of life.
family, love, breakups, friends, drama...sex...

it all is just part of everyday life
of everyday people

in Anywhere U.S.A..

we watch simply because the characters problems
make us realize that in fact,
our problems maybe aren't so bad.
if the troubles that these poor people deal with
can get resolved, then,
our simple humble ordinary life's trials and tribulations
cannot, in any way,
be so bad.
it's the Young and the Restless
mixed with the modern dilema's of Real Houswives,
the glamor of Project Runway,

combined with a hefty portion of gay porn.
it's something unlike we've ever seen
and somehow,
it's nearly impossible to take your eyes away from it.
it sucks us into it's vortex,
spins us around like a tornado,
causing chaos and excitment
in our own humdrum lives...
leaving us virtually glued to the screen
until we can get up the courage
to release ourselves
from it's grip.

no, it's not the new updated version of Dallas,
Knot's landing isn't back on,
it's more twisted than Sue Ellen could dream up.
it's the thing that leaves me speechless and shocked sometimes,
while i masturbate and regurgitate modern life.
there. i said it.
the show that never ends,
has more sub plots and twists than can be imagined,
and the cast,
well, the cast...
can be anything and everything imaginable.
from what look to be supermodels
to what definitely are not supermodels,


licked his lips and shook his body as he gropped his penis and even had a guest star, some tramp, come out and play with him.


mke1977  sat chatting about his boyfriend who just broke up with him...

zyzys007   stroked his "straight" cock on cam while he did protest that he was in fact, "looking for wet pussy to eat"...huge balls tho...

fantasyguys4  are, exactly the opposite of what their name suggests...two middle aged fat guys, who, their profile states are "2 str8 cousins-road to the gay world."

bibigboy502, only photos can explain...


so i did, and the cock on this boy was HUGE!

babylonsexy   is a tolken "gay guy" on the site..who is HOTTTTT

but then, after seven or eight hours of flipping through different cams, situations, hearing some speak, others laugh, some have friends come by, some have their wives screaming in the background, and some, are just, well, ONE, in particular, my favorite of the night, was passed out on G on the couch, cam on, as people typed how hideous he was, how he had done too many drugs, and how he was a mess....

technology has moved us into an entirely different universe,
we no longer are satisfied with the brand of entertainment our grandparents knew and loved,
we are in a new, strange, interestingly amusing new world...

go into the PARTY room, and, well, hold onto your hats! there is more chemicals being smoked, slammed and snorted than any crackden i've ever been too...hmm...
does that make me sound bad too????

Every Breath You Take

The Police - Every Breath You Take

some people love you,
some people hate you.
you'll never win.
no matter how hard you try,
there will always be ones that say,
you didn't deserve it.
you didn't earn it.
you don't have the talent, drive, or mind to create something that
they just cannot, for the life of them,
they wish you bad,
they make you mad.
they want you dead,
a bullet in your head.
they don't care,
there's nothing there...
they want you to fall,
can't wait to see you fail,
and to no avail,
get pleasure in watching your lifeunveil
just to see if and when you get derailed.
they'll be watching you....
it always shocks me,
always makes me think, question, ask, and wonder...

there is no correct answer to this question,
some people are just miserable....