i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ready or not

long weekend of the summer, number 1, officially done.
and the clock starts to tick...
i now have one month to organize and solidify the greatest work adventure of my life...
my movie.
the video i've had in my head for years,
will soon come, no, HOPEFULLY, soon, come into fruition.
it's harder than one thinks.
everyone i speak to about making a porn always has their own interpritation of what they consider to be the "perfect" porn.
everyone talks, everyone listens, and i get more and more amped up to create something that no one has really ever seen.
my photos are one thing, i love taking them and creating images that tantilize minds and cocks, but to have the chance to bring the characters i create for stills to come to life in 3D, is, to me, the next obvious step in my life, and what i call a career. i've worked hard my whole life, had 4 lifetimes of experience in a million different situations, pushed, prodded and produced what i love, making it happen, making it come to life, so, i'm not as much worried as i am nervous. i have a lot of enemies, i've said what i think, made comments, made mistakes, but never made a wrong move in taking the next step to getting what i want.
so now, here we are, 4 weeks ahead of time...
4 weeks of planning, organizing, producing and negotiating my dream. baby steps are fine for some, but me, i leap and bound, i can't walk slowly, i run, and this time, it's a sprint to the finish...
wish me luck.
cause here it comes...