i was almost an abortion

Sunday, January 20, 2013


2 different men,
from 2 different worlds,
with 2 different earlier career choices,
in a world of billions of people
had a similar vision...
but with 2 different styles,
and 2 different approaches,
these 2 different men 
on 2 different paths
with 2 different goals
became 1 in a bond
that no one can break.
he is always kind.
he has always been my friend.
he is insane, hysterical, bold, brutal and shy 
all at the same time.
his wisdom goes beyond what books can teach,
his influence is understandable,
and his past...
his past is what legends are made of.
(did you know he is the person responsible for signing Metalica!?)
and in the end, 
he is a friend.
he is always there,
and always true.
he never lies...
he doesn't have to.
today i spent the day with him,
Mr. Michael Alago.
a character that any actor would die to play.
he and i get compared to,
people think we don't like each other
but the fact remains the sane...
he is my sister,
and i live for her...
thanks for an amazing day,
and a wonderful dinner...

i am very lucky to have such great friends...

the man himself...

classic j/o

classic j/o

i shot this story only because no one else would.
originally, i had pitched the idea to Arthur Elgort for a L'Uomo Vogue story we were working on. the idea was simple. Tom of Finland inspired fall/denim realized by Abercrombie & Fitch models. it was one of those days when everything was in synch, the stars aligned, and i knew, for maybe the first time, that i was doing something i was proud to say was an homage to Tom, but modernized, taking on human form, and reaching out and appealing to generations of eyes that had no idea who Tom was, but maybe, just maybe...they would someday find out, and remember these, put two n two together, and, get it.
it's our heritage...
pass the stories on.
us in our mid to late 30's (coughing up a lung)
befriend a younger faggot...
let them know what's the best way to clean up (n out)
before a date,
tell them to use the phone to CALL and not text...
let them know that it wasn't always so easy.
and teach them who and why they have what they have...
teach them well, and let them lead the way...

and if they're cute, fuck the hell outta them...

he was ready.

Ben Liebrand Minimix 12-02-2011 - Sade vs Robin S - Pearls 4 Luv

up hundreds and thousands of steps,
twisting and turning through corridors without doors,
always uphill,
scared and without hope...
till there was nothing else to do,
nowhere else to go, 
no one left to beg for help...
the end of the road.

as he looked down at himself, he felt sad.
he had once been at the top of his game.
but that seemed like a million years ago... 
his vision was unique, 
his approach was twisted with a sense of humor,
his technique, flawless.
he had done it his way with his style,
without much work,
and with much love...
he had faced the music,
he had danced the dance.
he lived a life he didn't choose...
but he had lived hard, loved deeply, 
and lost everything in an instant.

he still was the one they all tried to emulate.
they knew he wouldn't give up so easily. 
now it was the right moment to snatch it back.
it was time.

he was ready.

(it was at that very moment when he realized
 just how truly god-damned fierce he was...)


24 hours ago,
if you had told me that in the next day 
(24 hours)
i MAY meet, by chance,
the love of my life...
maybe in this day, i would
interact and intertwine the many facets
of my intelligent but intrusive mind...
perhaps in the hours that lay ahead
(none of which were spent in bed),
would provide me some deep knowledge
of why i led the life i led...
but probably,
it's nothing more
than 24 hours
which we've all seen before.

but, you never know...