i was almost an abortion

Friday, January 18, 2013

girl gone wild

the girl's gone wild...
she's out of control.
lost her mind,
can't seem to find
where she's going,
as she looks behind
she sees her past
a shattered mess
and when she looks ahead
it's as if she could care less.
she didn't take the time
to stop, relax, unwind
instead she wanted
more and more
typical of a silly whore.
and now she's old,
and now she sees
it all comes full circle
that's destiny.

perfect never seems to last...

we are very jaded people.
our society consumes and throws away at lightning speeds.
one minute we have to have it,
the next minute,
we forget what it was in the first place.
but then...
there are the ones that make us remember, sadly,
and they never let us forget...
because it was only then that
everything was perfect...

but perfect never seems to last...

to be continued...

it's Not Me

Madonna - She's Not Me 2013 (Samuel Blacher remix [Radio edit])

it wasn't me...
i swear.
did it look like me?
do i act like that?
that sucks.