i was almost an abortion

Monday, October 22, 2012

the short hills mall experience

Moon Zappa Valley Girl

so like, omg, like,
there we were in the food court of the short hills mall
eating peperoni pizza at Ginzo Pizzeria and like,
totally outta no where, i'm looking around for my man Vinny,
and like, teasing my bangs n combin out my hair
n like, no one was even noticing my new bling...
i'm like, hello1
it's not eeryday i walks round the mall fingerin myself
showing off my new sparkley diamond that
just so happens to match my new Ton Sur Ton sweater n leggings....
and like, i'm waiting n waiting n waiting, n
so, i say fuck it,
take my finger n shove it in my clit tearing through my fishnets n denim skirt
n like,
spread my legs n still,
nobody says nuthin'.
i must be loosin it,
i swear.
i'm gonna fuckin die, or gag, or worse,