i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

there once were giants...

have we learned our lesson yet?there's too much hate,too much greed, not enough time for  those in need...


  There were once giants...

were once giants who rules the world, and they were indifferent to everything that mattered, calused to anything that people cared for, impatient to all others, and concerned with no one else. they were beasts, gods and demons, and they battled till the end. there was no time for tolerence, not a minute spent on love, nothing seemed important, except their thirst to drink pure blood. nothing, nowhere mattered...and they died amoung themselves...no one won, everyone lost, nothing gained, only their demise

Adele - Skyfall (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix) [Free DL] HD

...and that was just about the time 
when i looked around me and began
to wonder exactly when it was
that my troubles started to take off
like some vicious evil trend... 
where was i? what was i doing? who was there with me? was it possible i didn't see it coming? did i not notice or try to make it end? can it be all just a dream, or is it now reality or maybe zen? 
could i have ever, in a million years, tried to stop the falling down of all my tears? is there someone who can help me cope with all my fears? is something out there keeping me from ever getting ahead, or is it just what's brewing inside my twisted head? can someone out there be watching over me or am i satans child instead? is everything i've ever done just par for the course, or will it all add up and then, i'll be much better off? do people even notice me, my work, my written poetry? or is it all just never seen? i'll never wonder ask or need to have them tell me but it seems, that sometimes when they look at me, they remember things i've let them see, and in return they sometimes deem my life is worth more than i could dream.
i've stopped asking, i've stopped wanting, i've stopped seeking, but don't really know why...it seems all like a part of me was taken years ago to die. and when i lay down every night, i ask myself just why. i cannot stop believing that tomorrow begins tonight. the sky around me tumbles, and the mountains crumble down, the concrete i am standing on sucks me down much like quicksand, and the room i'm in begins to spin, that's when i stop, and look around, and try to start all over again.
 maybe this time i can win...


where would you be now (sure is pure)

 The Doobie Brothers - Long Train                                         Runnin'
         (sure is pure rmx)

Have you ever stopped and wondered if,
but truly if and only if,
all the bad times we endure
we suffer through which seem obscure,
turn around to be the greatest gifts,
ones from which we benefit?

What if something that you missed
were pissed about
and then dismissed,
was a time that you 
would not have wished
on anyone, 
so in fact, you were blessed.

What if after a bad break up
your man, u find out,
had crossed the line.
instead of being yours, was mine
and half the neighborhood too,
would u want him anyway?
i think not.
be gone.
next in line! 
(i hope that he ends up doing time...)

So you see always something good
comes from what you wish you would
have never felt, or seen or heard,
but stop, look, listen,
and just observe.
that, in time,
you'll be just fine.
so relax,
be happy,
to yourself, remind...
and then one day, and just in time,
you'll somehow see
that in fact the reality
of the something bad was really,

Without these things we think mistakes
where would we be?
instead take
the very worse times you have had
and turn them round
to good from bad.