i was almost an abortion

Saturday, September 15, 2012

u lost the best

never once, in all my years,
did i ever think
i'd have such fears.
but then one day,
from out of no where
the truth came out,
and made it clear.
the ones who told me
all this time
that i was theirs
and they were mine,
decided that they'd changed their minds,
though specifics weren't told why.
apparently, to my mistake,
the love i thought we had was fake.
and nothing i could say
was good enough to make them stay
instead they just pushed me away
and left me there to my decay.
and so i sit, alone and cold
no one to comfort, kiss, or hold.
i never thought things would unfold
to this dramatic story told.
it shows me something i never thought
could be so true, 
that whats sometimes sought
can be so easily taken away
an puts your heart up on display
to be seen and scrutinized
by ones you loved
but now despise.
how didn't they ever recognize
that love was there
behind my eyes?
did they have to jeopardize
a love so simple, it told no lies.
so now i see with open heart
i shouldn't have let them
tear me apart.
but one day soon, i know they'll see
they'd lost the best
when they lost me...