i was almost an abortion

Sunday, March 18, 2012


the more i talk,
the more i see,
the more i see,
the more i realize just what needs to hapen,
almost in steps.
the clarity of the finished product comes into sharp focus,
little by little,
one by one,
bit by bit,
piece by piece,
it all starts to make sense.
once every detail is thought,
reexamined, readjusted,
reworked and replayed,
it creates a sense of relief
and relaxation that,
when the time comes,
it will all play out,
and translate on film,
all the thoughts and rethoughts
i've had.
each time i tell the story of what i am seeing,
a new detail,
even the most minor,
the ones that end up looking natural,
unthought out,
and organic,
fall into place,
flow evenly and easily from my tounge,
naturally and simply.
there is nothing to question
for, in the end....
it's already been examined,
and exhausted.

it'll all be fine.
and i know now,
i can relax.

 shot for the HOUSE of FIELD
by the one and only, David Dalrymple
with supermodel, legend, superstar,