i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

living in the computer generated world, and i am a computer gennerated girl...

the internet,
a galaxy in itself, bigger than anything we can imagine,
broader with more wisdom, knowledge, and power than we could even think of in our wildest dreams.
it spans generations,
opens windows up till now locked down,
it separates us from all other species and creatures that came before us.
it's magnificent.
it's wonderful,
it's what great minds have dreamed up.
it is the future.

how we use it is another story.
instead of taking all this incredible knowledge and studying it,
we take it, we download it, we use it for one thing really...
two, maybe..
actually, ok, three.
we email.
we facebook,
and we jerk off.
manhunt counts as emailing, really...
with the promise of dumping yet another load onto the floor in front of our computers,
we scour blogs and websites,
chat rooms about fetishes we may not even be into,
cam chats where everyone is jacking off,
and we have made it a way of life.
it interfears with our normal lives,
takes time away from our relationships,
makes us late for appointments,
conflicts with our morals,
and leaves us helpless to get through a single day without the necessary stimulation we desire.
obsess over.
lust after.
it makes every relationship seem boring.
all sex seem dull.
for we are so overstimulated,
that we don't know where else to turn.
no one can satisfy us the way a stranger in a chat room can.
so why do we even try?

no one can make us feel the desire that a porn star on the screen in your living room can feel...
it's just not possible.

and so here we are.
addicted to our online porn, chats, blogs, vids...
the next generation starts and ends...