i was almost an abortion

Sunday, June 3, 2012


(DJ Louis Louis 2011 Club Remix)

i want more.
tons more.
i want it all.
i want it now.
i have no more time to waste...
no more excuses left to make.
the time has come,
and so i take
for my own fate.

31 days

30 days has september
april jun and november
all the rest have 31.
which means i don't have a lot of time to get my shit together and get this video project done.
i had a fun couple i practiced videoing last night.
i love having friends who call me up and ask me to shoot them fucking.
good friends.
they keep me motivated,
and boned...
always a good combo.
last night took my videoing a little further,
as somethin,
i can't tell u what...
happened which made the perspective even more interactive.
brought it to a different level,
and made the video have a vintage 3D feel that i've not yet seen.
it was cool to look at the foootage and gag.
i rarely gag at anything i do,
i never gag at anything anyone else does,
well, rarely...
but this was an experiment gone right.
it's starting to flow.
it's taking shape and forming itself
without much help, just from practice.
i am starting to understand the importance of every move i make lately,
as every move is taking me closer to a place i've envisioned my entire life.
another place.
another step.
a higher level.
i hate to sound conceided, but...
i think i will do something that will be so different.
modern, yet classic.
interesting, but still hot.
done with my flavor of surprise,
twists, and turns that take your mind to a place you never dreamed.
yet, at the same time,
will keep your cock dripping.
oozing cum.
that's my job.
that's what i do.
and honestly,
i know i do it better than anyone else.
so now, for the next month,
i reign myself in.
hone in and disect,
reevaluate what i've done,
reinvent what's been done,
and retaliate against what the studios do,
recreate, rethink and redo
everything that you know,
everything you've seen,
everything you thought.
it's a hard job,
but somebodys gotta do it.


a friendly reminder...

The Best of David Guetta 2012
sometimes u don't expect things to turn out good...
sometimes you have a premenition that things won't be as fun and casual as they may seem,
sometimes you think too much...
tonight, earlier, i thought too much.
my buddy upstate invited me to hang w/him n his boyfriend,
it was asked in a very sexual way, meaning,
would u like to come over n have sex with us...
but not so direct.
i got there, kinda thinking it would maybe be weird.
maybe they'd have jealousy issues or something stupid.
maybe they would chicken out...
maybe they'd fight, argue, be bitchy...
but i got there, we smoked some good weed,
hung out, talked, it was very comfortable...
and then outta nowhere, we were fucking.
was perfect.
both of em were sexy, both had nice cocks,
both were open to pretty much anything,
and neither was neglectful or careless toward the other one.
we all took turns,
sucking, i fucked both, was hot...
and once in a while, one of us would kick back n watch the other 2 have fun.
now, that's what i call a nice saurday night.
no drama,
no bullshit,
just three pigs having fun.

my ex and i used to have 3 ways when i was cracked out.
i would tell him to invite over one of our fuckbuds who we know we have fun with.
he always declined,
he wanted new meat...
(bottoms, never satisfied)
so id let him go online, do his thing, find a new cock...
but the guys would come over,
get high, and the next thing you knew,
these "tops" were all about their holes...
so i'd fuck em, which made my ex mad,
and me having to deal with his drama for the next 2 days.

couples should understand that this is a very intricate part of the relationship.
i mean, we all want to have some new fresh meat every once in a while,
but just remember, it's just one night...
whatever happens hapens.
it's not a big deal...
so ladies,
take a hint and consider this a reminder, and/or a lesson.
if ur in a relationship n have a 3way (or more)
remember that the 3rd is really innocent of ur bs.
has no idea how u guys relate to each other,
or what your energy or groove is, so,
just relax, have fun, and fuck.
if your the 3rd...
be diplomatic.
ur not there cause u like one of them,
ur there to be the toy for both,
so act ur age and play with both, enjoy their differences,
enjoy the way they interact, and maybe one day,
when your the one bringing in the 3rd,
you'll be happy, cause it'll all work out better than you thought.

just a little reminder bulletin for u guys..
play nice,
be good,
respect others,
and you'll enjoy yoursef so much more.