i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the man that i am

from begining to end
and all in between,
not one second was found
to be left with no deed.
from every detail
like special cuff links,
to the shoes and the shirt
and the suit,
most important.
the tie should be tied
with a fine knot and dimple,
the hair combed just right,
but it's not quite that simple,
it has to be right,
it's the last time
better be sure it's in tact,
till the end of time,
everyone knows,
it's a common known fact,
that the man that i've called
daddy, since day one,
the one who loved me
and called me his son,
is the one that today is the last day i'll see,
and it sucks, it feels bad,
caused i loved him, ya see...
and i ask, not disrespectful,
for one simple favor 
watch over me, dad,
let me not be neglectful
to live out my life
the best that i can,
and be proud to be the man that i am.

for Fran

all access

there was a eerie silence
and then,
all hell broke loose.

that's how i was able to shoot this series.
My friend David offered me his two story townhouse in Chelsea,
i had no rules,
only access to do whatever i wanted.
and i did...


something beautiful,
just because.
no meaning laying below,
nothing from it to figure out or turn a different angle and see.
just something serene,
something pretty,
and something to look at.
something just because life is too short
and too hard,
and there are better things to look at than the bad things.
styled by David Dalrymple
model: Gary Natale