i was almost an abortion

Sunday, June 17, 2012

fuck it!

sometimes, you sit around for years,
waiting, anticipating, planning the next move.
and then, sometimes, without any thought at all,
you simply decide,
on the spot,
without even processing any of the details,
a move that is possibly
one of the more major ones
of your life.
and why?
just because.

thinking is over rated.
the planning, the taking down of notes,
the revised and revamped plans
that in the end, never work
because reality makes you see if/how/why things need to happen
to be successful.
you can't plan really, anything, because,
who knows what tomorrow brings?
and so, instead of putting yourself through the pain and heartache
of try try trying to make things fit,
you one day, step back, sit back, and just let something that feels good,
just happen.
let life and the moment take you places you might not usually go.
sometimes the choice is obvious.
sometimes, well...
sometimes you just have to say,
fuck it.

well. ladies...
today i said it, and said it loud...
fuck it!