i was almost an abortion

Thursday, January 12, 2012

just because

just because...
i have nothing else to say,
i say something in pictures,
because that's just my way...

here we go, again

a long time ago
in a land not so far away,
i look at my life
and pray for better days.
it's not that i'm unlucky,
it's not that i need more,
it's just i find myself again
locked behind this door.
i've tried to get out many times
i've tried to break out,
it's just my mind plays tricks on me,
and i don't know what that's about.
i'll take two steps forward.
and then take three steps back,
that's when the tricks in my mind
stand up and then attack.
i know deep down, i'm lucky,
i know i've got my friends,
i know i've lived 9 lives because
i'm still alive,
but then,
i wonder why i still have to try
to keep one step ahead.
i've made my mark,
i've walked my path
i've done it and lived with the aftermath
of what i've done,
and where i've been,
and still i'm here
at step one,
and ready to begin.