i was almost an abortion

Monday, August 13, 2012

twisted fuck

it's underway....
a new horizon.
the sky seems brighter,
the past is clear,
i know now that what is close, isn't always dear.
i also know that
in time, you'll see,
you never got
the best of me.
it's plain and simple
a matter of fact,
no more you'll ever get to see
the funds from my monopoly.
i hate to be the kind of man
who yodecided i already am,
but times that by two
and then you'll see
the twisted fuck
you made me be.


Ellie Goulding - Lights

i guess now
it's come to this...
no more anger
from this moment on, i dismiss
anything bad,
for everything good,
this life is short,
and so i should
let go of the past
it's the only way that i can relax,
and start a new
exciting way
to live my life
a better way.

i've got now all
the friends i need
to get through everyone
else' greed.
i've seen good,
but seen more bad
and all that i can say is,
that's really sad.