i was almost an abortion

Sunday, March 3, 2013

dedicated to the one i love...

SMILE- Michael Jackson

last night i got a call that changed my otherwise great mood, and that very instant i understood that everything i have, everything i need, is maybe not going to always be there...
BB called to say that Inkey, his beautiful dog who we had just, last week had an amazing day with, died in his arms...and when he told me, i felt a rush, for the last time i saw her, i went out of my way to make her feel beautiful, petting her, encouraging her and hugging and kissing her, as she smiled and wagged her tail. then i glanced over at my bed where Buddy, the love of my life and his girlfriend, my adopted daughter Lucy lay, and heartbroken at what i know will be the future, i laid in bed and hugged them, letting them know i loved them, as Lucy turned on her back and purred, and Buddy licked my face and dried my tears.
someday, not today, i will be less of a man, because the man who got me through the toughest time of my life, will maybe be gone, and honestly, as i passed out in the bed with them, i kept begging them to never leave me. when i woke up this morning, we were all cuddled up together, snuggled tight keeping warm, and protecting each other from the rest of the world.
so i smiled, as i cried again, and i am hoping and praying that that day is a long long time away.