i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

nothing changes

as much as you want
to make everyone happy,
you can't get a smile
from everyone,
all the time.
people see things
and don't always get it,
they look at the picture,
but don't see the whole frame.
you tell them to step back,
and try and see the whole thing,
for what it stands for,
and what it really means.
but most people have vision
that is short sighted
and blurred
by the fact that their lives,
have had nothing for them to have reference to,
or imagination to,
let the visuals come into focus.

it's sad when you see,
what was once meant to be
watered down
just because
someone with authority
has no sense of imagination or vision.

this is how the world is run...
give the idiots a high power job,
let them make the discisions for the rest of us,
for that way,
nothing will move forward,
everything will stay the same,
nothing will change.