i was almost an abortion

Saturday, January 21, 2012


it's all about tonight.
u might not get tomorrow.
live your life.
give me everything tonight...
u might not get tomorrow.

I Look To A Nicer Me

a bad dance remix is always good.
especially a Whitney one...cause u know bitch hates it and can't do anything about it being out there.
i've been reevaluating my meanness, and well,
i think i should try and be just a tad nicer these days.
try it anyway.
it can't hurt.
being nice is the best way to catch flies my grandmother used to tell me.
and so, i think i will try and begin a new mantra.
i will be nice!
there, i said it.
i can still think anything i want.
winter storms have come
and darkened my sun...
i look to u.
after all my strength is gone,
with u i can be strong.

well, i've been nice for about ten minutes now and nothing good has happened to me...
so, maybe i'll just go back to being a nag.
here's some of my classic j/o shoots, Pierre fitch. he walked in, hated me...3 minutes later when he saw how i was shooting him, he loved me. sweet boy.
have a great saturday.
be nice!

the making of a porn flick

there are very few good things to  have been able to get from knowing such a hideous troll like Michael Lucas, but i found one today...
images  from La Dolce Vida, the film she spent all her hooker money on trying to become a real Hollywood icon. of course, it didn't work, BUT, the beautiful images are still around, in my possession,
for me to distribute as i see fit.
if there's anything nice to say about the "star" is that his ass implants didn't pop out once while filming.
thank God.
he did hand me the script for this debauchery of cinematography, and asked me to read it, all 60 pages of dialogue and 4 pages of sex. interersting.
but these images won the best box cover, and a way for me to always hold that, one more thing, over his head.
i hate her, if you didn't know, and as well you should too.
it's a long, strange story, and one i will one day have time and patience to tell.

here's some cock...

censor happy

i think i may be on a hitlist.
or watch list anyway.
i get censored more than anyone i know,
and for what reawson?
facebook's deleted me 11 times now,
3 blogs have been deemed "too much"
and my photos,
i'll censor them myself.


never out of style.