i was almost an abortion

Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's not right, but it's ok...

it's a nice feeling when one day you wake up,
look around,
and realize that everything you once ran to
and all the things you once ran from,
are nothing more than memories from your past.
knowing that all of the insanity, craziness, heartbreak, and low points
have all added up to that very second and,
when you look around the room,
asses the damage,
and sit down in front of the mirror, and see that,
you're still there.
maybe a little broken,
maybe a few more wrinkles and lines,
maybe a few grey hairs,
if any hairs at all are left,
but the face staring back
is smiling.
a different smile than the young pompous one you once knew,
this one is a smile of a knowledge that,
after all that,
it's ok.

it's not right,
but it's ok...

what becomes a legend most?

people come into your life for a reason.
sometimes the reason is just to annoy you.
but sometimes the reason is to offer you a different perspective on life,
sometimes it's to watch over you,
give you advice,
help you through something,
teach you
or torture you...
any which way, it don't matter...
they come and you change.
and sometimes,
they last.

my dear friend, ex-roommate, brother, sister and gurlfriend,
Miss Glenda, aka, Colton Ford.
what becomes a legend most?
just look,
it's right there in front of  you.

shot today 1-11-13
Jersey City, NJ
on Comunipaw Ave..