i was almost an abortion

Saturday, July 7, 2012

just you,

once or twice
it's sometimes nice
to meet some friends,
whos lives depend
on the strength
and the hope,
it's what we do
to help us cope,
it makes us strong,
it makes us see
that there are other things in life
than just "me me me"

it's when you step back,
and when you look,
that you see things that
can be dictated in a book.
the simple things
in life we do
make us see
what's really true.
so no more time
is left to waste,
this time it's time,
to stop and place
yourself up front
just you,
no one else,
and then you'll see,
your like no one else...

it's now,
it's here
the time
is near.

almost done

at the end of the day
when he looked around and sighed,
thinking everything was done,
everything was finished,
everything was fine and closed...
he looked around, and realized,
that just as soon as he would finish the last chores of
cleaning up and repacking his life,
he realized that all of this would be over.
it would all change,
it would never be the same...