i was almost an abortion

Saturday, May 26, 2012


what comes around, goes around,
they say very nonchalantly.
nothing really matters in the end because,
in the end what was meant to be,
will always end up being.
destiny has it's chosen path
it may veer off on tangents now and then
but the final result always is the same,
i always credit destiny and fate with my life,
my semi-success'
my rise and fall
my goods and bads,
everything in general, to destiny.
it put me on this earth for a reason,
that reason can't just be some whore forgot to wire hanger out her pussy...
there must, must MUST be a reason i was put on this planet,
and i'm so easy to see the little things as major triumphs,
but in reality there has to be a meaning.

and so, today, i saw in someone else, a dear friend who,
coulda-shoulda-woulda been an academy award winning actor,
take reins of his destiny and create flawlessly
something very beautiful.
for all the success he almost had he has taken, honed and created
his own brand of genius.
it made me smile to see that maybe it's not what he dreamed,
but in the end, its everything he ever imagined.
not where he would have been if...
but in a better pace, just cause thats how it should have been, and is.

this may seem cryptic,
but in the end
it's not.
you all have seen, you all know,
exactly what i am talking about.