i was almost an abortion

Saturday, March 31, 2012

the other guy from Finland

Tom was his name
Finland was where he came from,
but the world was his oyster,
and his talent was the key
to make himself a name
that has yet to be compared to.

more on Tom later, for now, just open your eyes,
because other imports have been creeping up on us,
and we are thankful for their pressence.

i choose

i dont know
only God knows where the story ends
for me
but i know where the story begins...
it's up to us to chose
whether we win or lose
and i chose to win.

did i ask to much?

did i ask to much?
more than a lot?
you gave me nothing
now that's all i got...

and then it's too late...

with so much happening all a the same time,
it's easy to forget the little things,
let alone the big things that just happen to not be the most important ones,
just the ones that,
when you step back and realize the scale and weight this thing holds on your entire life,
you realize maybe you should have not taken it for granted all these years.
maybe appreciated it just a little more,
said thank you for it,
even just smiled more often,
knowing it was there.
just because you have it,
doesn't mean it's always going to be there.
it's when it slips away that you begin to understand what it all meant.
and then it' too late.

science is a hoax

if statistically, and scientologically
it's been proven, or factored that,
one out of every ten people in the world is gay,
then. logistically,
every now and then,
when you're desperate to run into one of them,
because you need, really NEED to bond with one of them,
even for five minutes till you cum,
they should be around,
tonight, i was in typical joe oppedisano form.
hadn't slept,
was having sex, and didn't cum,
and driving home from my tricks place when,
out of nowhere,
like a mirage in the horizon,
i saw ahead of me,
one of the most beautiful things...
i rubbed my eyes clean to make sure i wasn't seeing things...
but there it was,
on the side of the highway,
a truck stop, rest area
and in the lot surrounding it was
thousands of 18 wheelers
lined up
motors humming,
lights on,
and i thought....
now, i KNOW there's gotta be ONE trucker looking for a blowjob...

so i pulled over,
fixed my hair did,
reapplied my lip gloss,
fixed my smudgy face and pulled my shirt down to hide my gut,
pulled my underwear out of my crack,
skidmarks were left, as  they are  nothing new to a trucker
and walked outta the car with every intention,
every idea,
every last hope that,
this would be an easy catch.
i mean, there were thousands of trucks lined up,
surely ONE of these guys
and preferably more...
wanted blowjobs...
there had to be ONE faggot truck driver in this lot...

so i sashayed,
did y best Ru-Paul runway inspired by Naomi Campbell walk,
but a butcher version,
pretended i was on my cell phone,
so it didn't look suspicious,
and i walked back and forth
for over an hour,
and shockingly...
not ONE proposal,
not one whistle,
not one wink or "hey baby"
i was shocked,
outraged and upset...
what did a once cute all American boy have to do to get some trucker cock?

so, i got in my car,
sat for a moment,
thought of every other thing i could do,
step i could take,
move i could make,
and nothing...
so i drove home,
disillusioned and depressed,
and realized as i walked in the door that,
this had nothing to do with me...
it had to be a mistake in calculations caused by some scientifical blunder.

there's no way one in ten of us sucks cock.
it's impossible, because...
now i had proof.
i had looked science in the eye and deemed it wrong,
made a fool of the calculations and declarations.

there really are only 50 fags in the world...
and i've already slept with them.

Friday, March 30, 2012

pig sty

images from the HOTTEST, most TWISTED, yet beautifully done new pig-web-site out there, PIG PROD
check it out...if you dare!


was it the beginning of the end
or the end of what should have never begun?
was it all actually over now?
was it all said and done?
all the times that i sat
waiting for it to stop,
the moments that i wished for

but it never seemed to come,
the hours and the days
the weeks turned into months
as i watch the clock tick tock,
it  took it's time
it didn't rush,
it didn't care,
did i ask too much?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Song For You

i been so many places
in my life and time
i've sung a lot of songs
and made some bad rhymes
i acted out my life on stages
with 10,000 people watching
we're alone now
and i'm singing a song to you.

i know your image of me
is what i hope to be
i treated you unkind
but darling can't you see
theres no one more important to me
baby can't you see through me?
we're alone now
and i'm singing a song to you.

you taught me precious secrets
of a true love worth holding on
you came out in front
when i was hiding
but now thats so much better
and if my words don't come together
listen to the melody
cause my love is in there hiding

i love you in a place
where theres no space or time
i love you for my life
you were a friend of mine
and when my life is over
remember when we were together
we were alone
and i was singing a song for you...
this song is for you.

i love you in a place
my dear friend
where theres no space or time
i love you for my life
you are a friend of mine
and when my life is over
remember when we were together
we were alone
and i was singing a song to you...

sometimes you forget
all too quickly
what's important.
time slips away
leaves you with nothing
but a casual memory
of a second of time
that once was important
that's now just a dream.
you have to hold on tight,
think, then think again
and remember what it was
that's now so hard to understand.
but if it really was important,
if it really made a dent
if it caused you for a moment
to sit back, enjoy, then let
the magic of that moment
that you thought had slipped away
come back and be a moment
in your life,
that's here to stay.

don't forget the little people.

alphabet shitty

sometimes when your working on
projects A through Z
you forget exactly just what happened
all the way back when you were working on C.
you try, you look,
you search, you see
that what was really incredible,
was what you did at B.
you toss around
all of everything,
make it easy,
get a scope
of all the things,
then go back again
starting at Z,
a little bit at a time,
once more,
then you see,
that the final thing
the thing you missed
was there all the time,
you had just dismissed
and moved on forward
without looking back,
but when you did,
it all made sense...


and it is now,
after an entire day doing, actually, nothing,
i finally am able to stop the insanity of trying to cum,
jerking off for endlesss hours upon hours,
doing things,
saying, watching and pretending to be interested in,
turned on by,
and ready to cum at the idea of,
any of that crap.
i came.
it took 3 minutes,
no vids, cams, websites, pics or vids.
just me,
nothing around to bother
or distract me.
my load,
the very load that took over 27 hours to dispense,
is at rest
on the floor of my bedroon,
picked up, kind of,
by the t-shirt i wore today.

it's all done,
all gone,
all out...
i'm headed to bed.

Monday, March 26, 2012

one more time

think think think...
that's all i do is think.
that's all i do is re-do.
try this,
try that,
once more,
now in black,
try it moved over
1/4 inch,
then back again,
i won't rest in peace!
again and again
just one more time,
i swear that this time,
will be the last time!
then that time comes and then.once more,
shall i say,
it's almost perfect!
if we move it,
that way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

nothing changes

as much as you want
to make everyone happy,
you can't get a smile
from everyone,
all the time.
people see things
and don't always get it,
they look at the picture,
but don't see the whole frame.
you tell them to step back,
and try and see the whole thing,
for what it stands for,
and what it really means.
but most people have vision
that is short sighted
and blurred
by the fact that their lives,
have had nothing for them to have reference to,
or imagination to,
let the visuals come into focus.

it's sad when you see,
what was once meant to be
watered down
just because
someone with authority
has no sense of imagination or vision.

this is how the world is run...
give the idiots a high power job,
let them make the discisions for the rest of us,
for that way,
nothing will move forward,
everything will stay the same,
nothing will change.

Monday, March 19, 2012


what a week.
oh, it's only monday.
doesn't matter to someone who works from home and cannot separate work and home life.
it's a wonderful life
if you can get past the fact that
you never have time to yourself,
whenever i have "free" time,
i wind up retouching a photo,
making phone calls to get more work, press, shit going.
theres really no time to just sit and enjoy,
but if i don't do these things,
there will be nothing to really enjoy.
it's non-stop,
yet, at the same time,
there's nothhing i'd rather be doing,
there's nowhere i need to go,
nowhere i'd rather be.
this is my life,
and it works,