i was almost an abortion

Friday, May 10, 2013

i'm clicking 3 times!

they say home is where the heart is,
home...click three times and you can go back.
but the harsh reality is,
you can go back,
it's just never the same as it once was.
when you leave home for college, there's the holidays and summer break to look forward to. comfortable dwellings await when you return. then in your 20's your bedroom becomes a den, then 30's it's a bedroom for your nieces and nephews, and by the 40's it is being taken up by another family from Uruguay who barely speaks English and is trying to have their children get a better chance at life than they ever had...much like your parents did when they moved to that same space 50 years earlier.
you can go back,
it's just when you do, you drive by the home you once loved, and honk, and as a tear wells up inside your broken heart, you understand that life goes on.
things change.
time goes by.
but it's always gonna be home to me...
just not mine.

superior men

 anyone who has half a brain in his head can tell you that anyone in their right mind and a quarter smarts left in their balls to know when they've been introduced to the presence of someone much more superior
someone much more eloquent and intelligent,
masculine and brawny, someone who makes you wish
you could ever even be aquater of what they are.
it'll never happen boy...
you lose this game.
there's no more innings.
bases were loaded n u struck out.
sucks to be a loser...
sucks even more to know that there's someone twice the man you will ever be, n he's standing right there.
he'll make you wish you were good enough to even stand in his pressence.
not this time.
not with this guy.
not now...
not ever,
he'll always be better, stronger, faster
and to top it all off,
he's probably hung like a horse...