i was almost an abortion

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2nd guess

listen to your gut.
i should always do that,
never second guess,
because when i don't, it never fails,
it's gonna be a fucked up.
and i know this,
for certain,
yet, time and time again,
i do not listen when i should
and then discover that once again,
i've stupidly made the same mistake,
and did it again.
but this time i nipped it in the bud.
i stopped it early,
i didn't hesitate,
because i knew that if for one second i procrastinated,
the night would turn into the next day,
tomorrow i'd be awake from kicking myself endlessly
and then feel bad about it for a few days after.
but this time-
the trick was a troll,
i told him to scram,
he did, although dragged his feet,
so i pushed..
and now he's gone,
and so, i can get to bed,
sleep well,
and enjoy..