i was almost an abortion

Thursday, May 10, 2012

nada, nooch, niente

 Khia - My Neck, My Back (Lick It) (uncensored/dirty)

is it just me or is it sometimes impossible to get fuckin' laid?
today i woke up boned outta my mind.
needed some ass, bad.
so, went on manhunt,
but nothing...
again, nada...
adam4adam, which i hate cause its way too fuckin' ghetto (only cause it's free)
of course i got hit up on by this fat old queen who was dying to get plowed..
which aint gonna happen, ever.
tried grindr,
no one, not even a hundred miles away i'd shove my cock into...
the problem with scruff is, it's mostly bears,
and being bears, they're lazy asses rarely check their mail or im's,
so again, nothing...
so, back to the good old reliable...
cam4 freaks me out cause i was on once with a dude i was fucking and a friend of mine typed on the sidebar
i fliped out.
icu is the worst now.
i hear queens r getting thrown off and one guy was even arrested for smoking crystal on cam
dumb ass.
i went to a cruisy area to look for some ass,
or at least a hot louth on y cock,
but nooch.
nothing man.
it's useless...
all i ask for is a warm mouth and a heartbeat...
is that too much to ask?
i mean, really.
if 10% of the world is supposed to be faggots,
then why's it so hard to find one to suck your cock in the middle of the day?
every guy i know who's gay is a old school style bro,
meaning, he'll suck your cock in the toilet of the restroom at mcdonalds if need be.
but i don't fuck my friends.
maybe that's why we're still friends.
i need ass!