i was almost an abortion

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Salute

u think u know everything
and you think that your shit don't stink,
well it do,
it do.

Whitney Houston,
the voice of a lifetime.
R.I.P. my love.

how does this happen
who's to blame?
a struggling artist
with many problems,
we thought we had her back..
we never knew how bad it was,
i hope to God she went quickly,
she's been in enough pain.
i love you for giving me all the most incredible musical soundtrack of my life.
it will never be the same.

breathe again

and so, after the rush,
there was nothing to do,
so he did what he did best
which was what he relied on,
the solid, old school ways he used to relax his brain,
calm his mind,
subdue his body,
and be still his everyday chaotics.
he did nothing.
he hung out with friends,
did things he shouldn't do,
like stayed up late,
gossiped and complained,d
and put into perspective
just what he needed to do
to make his world come to a place of peace.