i was almost an abortion

Friday, February 15, 2013

the return of Aquanetta Jones

Vegas Baby!
 - What's Goin' On (Original Mix)

ask yourself this question,
has i lost my goddamn head?
or are people just fuckin' wack?
is it me?
or has the world gone mad?

my answer to you would be simple,
them mutherfuckers all be krazy...

in a world where we have the technology to travel through space,
surf the net,
explore each and everything we could 
possibly ever dream of,
as well as millions more we can't,
meet a mate that is digitally chosen for us simply by downloading who we claim to be,
extracting, dissecting, researching, calculating and exasperating 
every last detail of everything imaginable
for every time period back to millions of years before we even roamed the earth,
why is it then that we can't simply do the simple things that the time saved 
by technological advances allows us to do,
like, pick up a phone and call someone, 
and not text.
say thank you when someone's been kind.
be generous because we have more than we can, in a million years, ever use.
or even something that is so easy to do,
that i isn't even really a question why it isn't done in the first place...
actually pay the people 
who do nice things for you,
that you yourself asked for,
even hired them to do,
than they spent so much time, 
countless hours, and sometimes days doing,
yet, when the job is done 
to the satisfaction of the client,
they somehow...
forget the right thing to do,
and all of a sudden,
they also forget your phone number...
u forget my digits ho?
funny, when u were begging me, even demanding that i take the money offered,
and even when u so idiotically thought that because we were working together,
meant we were supposed to be also having sex  (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)
u had my digits memorized...
u never hesitated to ask me to do extra work,
give you options,
and even do these things at your leisure,
when you actually showed up,
which was never on time...

yet, now...
where are you?
i called.
no answer.
i called again,
no answer.
text-ing you got a minimal response about you being in a "bad mood".
bad mood?
let me show you
what a bad mood is gonna look like
 on that ashy face of yours gurl.
it aint the look.
it's not how i wanna go down,
but trust...
it will go down.

so, again, i ask...
what's goin' on?
i won't ask again,
at least,
so nicely.

now hooka, u know who u is.
don't make me be shady cause,
i done told myself i was gonna let 
Aquanetta Jones (my black gurl alter-ego)
have some time off...
but i got the Vaseline out,
coca butter ready,
and a new pack of razor blades 
ready to cut yer ashy face,
all as i be smokin' my Newport 
drinkin' Pink Champale 
chillin' in da crib waitin' 
for my baby daddy...

once more...
do u really wanna go there w/me?

i thought so...