i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

baggin it

look n listen

  •  shooting today, Quentin
  • house, warehouse
  • suits, tom brown
  • gritty, dirty, overcast fluorescent light
  • slick upscale clothes
  • stairwells
  • chain link
  • fences, steps, windows boarded up
  • loving this.

don't give up

Whitney Houston - Step By Step

well there's a bridge,
and there's a river,
that i still must cross...
as i'm going
on my journey
though i might be lost...

and this old road
is rough and ruined...
so many dangers along the way.
so many burdens might fall upon me
so many troubles that i have to face...
but i wont let my spirit fail me
i wont let my spirit go
until i get to my destination
i'm gonna take it slow
because i'm making it...

step by step.
day by day,
mile by mile...
go your own way.
whatever way that happens to be.
it's your own voyage,
your own journey.
your own mind,
it's your own way.
so don't let the haters hate. don't allow their words to fog your clear perception of where you should be, could be, would be. it's not their place, time, and it's not worth your energy to waste time worrying, thinking, trying and failing in their eyes, because it's their eyes, with their own accomplishments, failures, twists and turns and they will never come close to what they have in their own  twisted warped minds that will ever measure up to what you should be, in their eyes.
do it for you.
do it because...
do it for no one else
because in the end,
at the end of the day,
when no one else is there...
i guarantee you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and smile.
because your hearts no longer breaking, the room has stopped shaking, the earth is no longer quaking, and your destiny has become something of your own making.

common baby, got to keep moving.
common now, ya got to keep moving.
common girl, it's time to start moving...
it's yours,
it's here.
it's now.