i was almost an abortion

Monday, February 27, 2012


ya get what u give

it never fails

u give 100%,

u get 10 back

you give everything, trying to prove ur worth,

prove that the client cant live without u,

but then,

they become monsters in front of your very eyes.

2 days ago i get a call,

completely out of the blue, from a german, of all things

germans are notorious for being strict, want it all, monsters

in my eyes anyway

this guy is in town,

LOVES my work,

wants me to shoot an event he was having today

ok, sounds good

i show up at the hotel

camera, lights, everything in tow

when i get there, a hot boy answers the door



oh, u must be the photographer


oh he says

oh? i say

theres a little drama, can i bring u to another room?

sure i say

so we go to another oom, same hotel, 3 other hot boys are there

all is in question

why am i even here?

it turns out the client had herself a nervous breaakdown THEN AND THERE

and threw all of these gorgeous escorts he had hired,

and i was supposed to shoot

out of his hotel room

saying they had stolen his identity,

reported him to the police,

AND called CNN, an told them he was on drugs and having sex with teenagers in the hotel room

if theres ever a time to do a OMG, this is it

what the FUCK?

have u gone nuts?

so there i am,

wondering what to do,

bunch of hot NYC escorts, half hard n naked,

waiting for me


well, im a trooper, so i pulled out my camera,

got them in different states of dress and undress,

and shot

some incredibly hot images

great, sweet, nice, appreciative boys who gave me 100%,

and never met the client, ever

he stayed in his room pouting, screaming, carrying on until


security came and threw us all out of the hotel

can u imagine?

so that was my day

unbelieveable as it ay sound,

all tre,

all insane,

all fun

my life is insane

other insane, fun, happy memories of days gone by

i just realized, in googling myself,

that i am seeing my biography unfold,

in a candid, uncanny way

what gets noticed,

what people see,

amounts to,

who n what i am


back to the gypsy that i was