i was almost an abortion

Sunday, January 8, 2012


i'm bringing sexy back,
them other boys just don't know how to act

so i dove in, deep.
no looking back,
in full force,
it's time.
i had to say it aloud,
now there's no turning back.

as soon as i finished that post, i knew it was final.
the vision in my head's been to strong.
too lifelike.
to deny it would be to deny destiny's child from being born.
like an abortion...
but the child was let to live...
like me.
the bastard lives.
and because he knows what his fate could have been,
he will struggle and do his best to outshine, and overshadow
the rest.

as i told a friend last night,
this revelation will hopefully be the death of others.
and you know who i'm talkin about...
i want Michael Lucas, personally, to drop dead when he see's it.
lifeless is how he'll finally look best.
lifeless he will have nothing more to say,
nothing evil to think,
nothing manipulative to do.
he'll just be a bad memory of days past.

he's already trembling at the idea that Cocky Boys is coming for him.
the last shoot i did with them, we used a new model that he had used once before.
he desperatly was on the phone trying to seduce the guy to not do our film,
offering him $5,000. to not do the scene we already booked him and flew him in for.
Michael put out a statement saying we were stealing his boys.
really Michael??
the guy, when he saw the way he was being played
canceled any further interaction with Miss Lucas...
probably destroying thousands of dollars of plastic surgery
when his face dropped.
has the time come when everything i always said is being exposed Mister Lucas?
all the games are over baby..
it's the dawn of a new era,
and your washed up.

it's over honey...
pack it up.
your time is done.
don't make a fool of yourself, anymore.
just close the door when you walk out...
and don't fall when it slams you in the ass.