i was almost an abortion

Thursday, January 26, 2012


once i had a brilliant idea.
(one that is still not buried)
and that was to do a line of t-shirt with my classic images.
so, i printed them up,
sold a bunch,
and then lost motivation...
i even shot the ad campaigns for the...
spring is coming,
and i think i am going to revive that idea.


such a wonderful thing, yet,
it's brought us many unforeseen possibilities...things that scientists would never in a billion years, have considered when inventing computers. who imagined we'd ever have a camera attached to our phone? or that we'd all have in our homes, computers that would play movies, music, and porn...but who would have ever guessed we'd have APPs on our phones that would tell us, in detail, how far away prospective "tricks" were...200 feet is my record so far, but i'm dying to be at a club and have it say 0 feet...

Grindr has brought many cocks and assholes into my life, that would totally have never had the opportunity to reach me, otherwise. it's interesting, because just yesterday, i was on Grindr, and i got a text from a hot 19 year old boy...obviously with a daddy fetish...he came over, was hot, pulled out a great cock, bent over, had a really nice hairy ass (to eat) and then, fuck...
an hour later, as he was leaving, he told me he had to run, because he was late. i asked what for, he said his job...at the mall...it brought me back to my high school days, and i sighed, how beautiful it was to have had such a random, fun experience, with a boy i probably never would have met...

here's my Grindr trick that happened to be 200 feet away...in the same sleazy hotel i was in...
with a trick he was over (as i was mine)
i love technology!