i was almost an abortion

Thursday, July 26, 2012

crack rhyme

as strange as it is, and as weird as it seems, it helps me think clearly and helps me stay clean. for I've seen many things that you just wouldn't believe, things that crackheads did, that I could barely concieve, like one night this dude ray, who is such a fuck in wreck, tried stealing my haggis, so I had to attack... I took off my heels, and then started a fight, I said "oh no u didn't!" cause he just wasn't right. he pretended that he didn't just try n swipe the goodies brought to smoke in the pipe... then he acted real dumb, which wasn't that hard, cause honestly he's one cell from being a fuckin retard... so I said like, fo real? did you just try n steal what I graciously bought what u said u sought, and he looked straight at me pretended like he didn't see me try n stuff in his pocket so I punched him in his eye socket and then that was the end, I just cannot pretend to be like, his friend, so I guess this is the end.