i was almost an abortion

Friday, March 15, 2013

relax, rewind, rethink, revamp, and reinvent.

It wasn't until mid afternoon that the moment of sheer clarity hit him dead between the eyes and he instantaneously understood that it was in fact, very strange...was it just coincidence that everywhere he turned it all seemed to looked like a movie set? and wasn't it funny that his life was very similar to a made for t.v. movie? it would be an amazing vehicle for Valerie Bertinelli or even Melissa Gilbert for that matter...but was he and his life real, or was it all just a pre-taped mini-series that had been shelved for years and was just now being found in a dumpster and played by some intern who thought it was a bad spoof on Sex & the City? the gay version? the one where Carrie doesn't get Big in the end, but gets pushed in front of a subway car while on her way home from a night out drinking Cosmo's with the girls and is found wearing not one piece of designer clothing, but...Gap?
is this what he had become?
a parody of a show that was too scandalous for network television and so all the best funniest, and most original scenes were censored to not offend "middle America" who would surely never understand any of Samantha's smug one-liners
or sexual innuendos...

maybe he was being dramatic.
he had a tendency to over-react...
even over-analyze everything.

that's when the second moment 
of clarity came,
but this one told him to 
just shut the fuck up, 
relax, rewind, rethink, revamp, and reinvent...
and eventually