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Friday, September 28, 2012


At Last-Etta James

Although the calendar showed as proof it was still summer,
there was a underlying chill in the air that left you with goosebumps,
which was always a tell true sign of fall's fast approach.
not challenging natures warning,
he picked up his pace as he adjusted the lapels on his jacket more tightly around his neck.
he was almost there when he looked up and for the first time in months
began to notice just how beautiful his surroundings were.
the homes which stood tall, side by side,
were ornate stone, yellow or deep red brick built sturdily in the early 20's
when this town reigned with influence and prestige
before the crash destroyed it's chances
and left it a virtual ghost town for over a decade.
each residence had a slightly different influence from the next.
there were classic victorian elements to them all, giving them
a majestic and old world feeling reminisent of close families, tight knit bonds
and a sense of secureness that made him yearn for his long lost youth.
turning onto his block, he slowed down his pace and observed the fortress-like brownstones
on the tall maple tree lined block.
directly across the street stood an impressive gothic church with bell towers and a manicured park.
four latin men sat at a folding table in mismatched folding chairs at the curb
argueing over a neighborhood game of dominos that had probably been ongoing for decades.
he breathed a deep breath inhaling the brisk evening air,
sending a chill up his spine and a slight tingle which connected deep into his soul.
As he was only steps from his doorway,
he smelled the sweet smell of the grape vines that wofted in the breeze,
their bases twisted up a trellis and cascaded over his head and up he brick to the third story,
creating a quite path that gave it great charm and privacy.
the wrought iron gate that opened up onto the front door was open, as he rarely locked it,
and there, laying in the middle of the foyer was his faithful dog Buddy,
his head lay supported on his spread paws, eyes opened, and a crooked smile forming on his mouth.
when he caught sight of him, he jumped up on all fours and pleasantly barked his excitement.
it was sweet, it was simple, it felt right, it felt secure, it was mature, it was sane,
it was his, it was home.
That night, as they lay side by side in bed,
there was an unspoken yet completely understood sense in both their not to long ago troubled minds that they had safely left their tumultuous past far behind.
now they could rest without worry, sleep soundly and be assured an even better tomorrow.
Ten and a half hours later,
as the church bell chimed noon, in each others arms they awoke.
he shook his head, looked around, paniced slightly then smiled when he realized that
this wasn't a dream...
after all he had been through,
after what he had seen,
after years of feeling like an outsider,
he felt secure in the knowledge that the demons that taunted him him for years were now gone.
at last he was safe, had survived, and had grown.
he had fought hard and had conqured each one face to face, eye to eye, inch by inch.
he had traveled the distance, over mountains, crossing seas,
but that was now just part of his long history,
it was finally over,
he was home.