i was almost an abortion

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Couldn't You Love More ?

      Couldn't Love You More (Rare House Mix)


when it's new, it's incredible...
         it's like nothing else in the world.
nothing comes close.
        nothing can compare.
                nothing else matters.
          and everything, every little thing,
                  is something extraordinary.
        something you will always remember...
every scent is ultra fragrant,
 every look is everlasting,
  every touch gives you chills.
   every sound is a symphonic orchestra.
                                 i love love.
love is why we are alive...right?

without it,
     we never experience life to the fullest.
with it, 
     we see the world through 
                      rose colored glasses...
a kaleidoscope of amazing things
              we never saw, that way, before.
and will never see, that way again. 

everlasting love...is a battlefield. but when love is in the air it's truly only love that's eternal, and in the end, 
            it's love that keeps us together.

love. live. love life.  love love.

                    never forget what it feels like to be in love.