i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i wonder...

i wonder if the guy who invented the camera ever dreamed that one day people would be taking pictures of explicit gay porn with his nifty little devise.
or what about the guy who invented moving pictures...
he probably is turning over in his grave knowing that now, people can get on a cam and expose their entire lives...
nothing is sacred.
everyone's a porn star...
everyone's a star.

living upstate has taken its toll on me sexually, for, when i am upstate, i don't dare even think of getting laid in he normal sense...like, actually meeting, fucking in real time, real touches, real ecstasy.
there's no one here, there's nothing nor no one to do...
so, i resort to Skype, my new best friend.
on Skype, a whole new world has opened up for me.
it, like living in New York for decades, makes it easy to have friends of all races, creeds, types, styles, etc., all over the world.
people come on and you can talk to them, like they were right next to you, in Australia, Peru, wherever.
the world got smaller.
but not small enough so that these conversations become anything more than just that, conversations, mostly while stroking your cock.
and the people you meet are not just ordinary people from down the block...well, actually they are, that's why it's all so scary. the most normal ones are also the ones who turn out to be the biggest perverts...the most extreme fantasies and made up profiles. they each become whatever they like to or wish to, be.
and the thing is, they are everywhere.
all over the world, Cam4 makes it easy to watch the world as a soap opera, you check in with your favorites, see whats up, and what outfit they have or had on, tell them to stroke, show ass, whatever...but its a universal thing, and no one seems to care anymore.

which makes me wonder...
if we are here now, already, where and what and how will we be expressing ourselves in another hundred years.

ya never know

you think it's easy being me?
well, you don't know the half of it...
imagine a world where nothing is what it seems
and everything is there for the taking,
yet when you reach out to grab it,
it poofs into air like a cloud,
leaving you empty,
grabbing at air,
unable to get a hold of anything
unable to grasp what just happened,
unable to cope with life without what you almost had.

the things you think are guaranteed
are gone before you know it.
the things you thought were too good to be true,
always were,
cause they always are just that.
the looks you see on everyone else' face
are ones of amazement
for they knew it all along,
and can't believe you just fell for it,
when will he learn? they wonder...
why is he such a fool?
but a true fool never knows he should stop looking, reaching, hoping...
for then,
what if...
just maybe,
one day...

you never know.