i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbye Stranger

Supertramp - Goodbye  Stranger - HDsound

when i look behind me,someday,
my troubles will be few...
but for now,
it's step by step,
day to day
and quite honestly
it's driving me insane.
i try to look up
but i only see clouds
they've blocked me from my dreams.
but i gotto go,
i'm sorry i can't stay,
but the places that you've shown me
make me need to run away.
so in time,
when i'm really fine,
don't ask me why,
don't wonder where i am,,
don't even bother
cause i won't be there...
i'll be very far away,
on my own,
quite possibly alone,
but, that's a better place to be
then by your side,
is misery...