i was almost an abortion

Saturday, December 31, 2011

twas the night

twas the end of the old year,
a new dawn would break,
and put an end to the old one
which was just one big mistake.
so i called all my friends
tried to make some amends
for the blunders in my past
that i did this year last.
as i look now, ahead
i choose to, instead,
make 2012
a year in which i delve
to times better spent
on a life i'll reinvent.
so goodbye old year past
it was fun while it last-ed
but it's time to move on
i'll be happy when you're gone!

happy birthday Mark Nelson!


one last thing,

i'm sorry.

to all the people i fucked over,

all the times i fucked up,

all the messes i made,

all the times i was messy,

i'm sorry.

i never meant to hurt you,

i always tried to do the best,

but sometimes i went about it in the wrong way.

but it was never malicious.

i'm trying,

and i'll try harder this time,

to make up, repair, and fix

all the broken ties and disasters i created.

i'm really sorry.

i love you.