i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

am i an actual grown-up?

say the devil is my savior
and i don't pay no heed.

and i will go on shining,
shining like brand new...
and when i look behind me,
my troubles will be few.

life is funny.
it comes from outta nowhere,
shakes you up,
makes you crazy,
makes you look Satan in the eyes,
and the love of your life appear.
hopefully not at the same moment.
it givethe and it taketh.
sometimes it even delivers both in the same instance

yesterday was a bad day.
my world colapsed in an instant.
i finally fell asleep after being sick to my stomach
with drama all day.
i asked miss mary j beige about it,
she said no more drama,
and so,
i let it go.
when i woke,
bluebirds pulled the covers off me
as baby deer gathered by my bed
and a 9 inch hairy German daddy was laying next to me.
everything had changed.
i was whistling.
and the drama that caused my illness yesterday,
was resolved with a very nice email that,
made it all understandable from both sides.
am i actually growing up?

is it possible?
am i moving to another level as a person...
has my world changed?

then after spending a well deserved hour skyping with this hot mutherfucker from somewhere...
i realized that,
no, i had not grown.
maybe that's not such a bad thing after all....