i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

may be maybe


i got a feeling that tonight is the first night in a long time, that everything is going to make sense...all of the troubled months that have come before this evening will somehow come together and the puzzle that so far has had me, well, puzzled, will be magically put together with one single piece that i have, for some reason, missed for no apparent reason, maybe i was sitting on it the whole time...maybe that was what that pain in my ass was the whole time...hmmmm....
but tonight might be a good night.
maybe it's going to be the best night i've ever had...
maybe the best night ever in the entire world...ever...
 since the beginning of time, and forever there will never be a night that will come close to comparing with what the ticking of the clock will bring to me 
in the next few hours....
ya never know.
but if you don't have hope, then what do you have in the first place? maybe it won't be the best night ever.
    but...by tomorrow, it won't matter anyway.

live life for what might be.
what's possible.
what could some day be,
and never think it will go
 any other way but amazing.

trust me

why is it so hard?
why can't we be nice?
 once were in love...
but not at that high price.
 it's even hard to remember what i ever saw in you...
they told me it was to good to be true.
 and when i'd look and see your face...
i thought it was so beautiful...
saw only love in your eyes,
but enough's enough,
what a surprise!
 you proved me wrong at every turn.
my souls on fire,
my mind just burns.

am i that blind? 
if i only knew.
stupid fool.
no, not me, you!

i salute you...
go on out the door now,
you take care..

with my head held high,
my tears now dry,
the past is over.
i will get by...



it took me all of these years

to realize that you don't belong here...
ya say i'll never do better...
yea, right,
and what? you expected me to beg?
well i'm not,
i'm done.
so when you leave ya close the door behind you.

i will be strong again.
trust me, i aint going back there ever again...