i was almost an abortion

Sunday, September 30, 2012

i aint dead yet

fashion editor turned photographer turned gay porn sensation. his two best selling gay-erotic photo books, Testosterone and  Uncensored have gone through numerous printings, and his third book the self titled J/O out this fall through Bruno Gmuender. his work has influened his generation while not abandoning it's past. he is influenced by and compared  to three gay icons/artists, Tom of Finland, Jim French of COLT fame, and Robert Mapplethorpe, often times reinterperating their classic imagery with his own brand of style, trademark lighting, and twisted sense of humor captured in a no nonsense, in your face sex image that leaves nothing to be ashamed of or for.  he depicts the modern gay man in today's society, not behind any closet doors, but in broad daylight, out there ready to pounce at any moment. his work can be seen in OUT, N.Y. Times Magazine, Vibe and/or on the cover off any gay porn dvd, magazine, blog and now, twitter.   




Best Vocal Deep House 2012 Mixed

some days i wake up and i feel like i've failed.
i look down at the calendar, see nothing written down, and then
my head starts to spin, my body starts to ache,
what do i do now, no one hires me, well, 
not the clients i seek,
and i continue my plight down a spiral that makes me feel weak. 
as i try one more time to make calls to someone,
i feel misery take over, and then i know that i'm done.
i check facebook, then i twitter,
about nothing really, well, whatever.
and then out of nowhere, i'll flip through the web,
and my eye catch something
i should have missed, but instead,
i stop, and i stare, 
a rush floods my mind back to a time back as i recall being there.
all those faces, all the bodies, the sweat, and the cocks,
some hard without trying, others too nervous to ever be,
and i realize that really,
i am quite lucky.
maybe i can't remember their names, or when it was,
but each photo tells me something that i just can't explain...
i know every second, in almost every case,
was it hot? was it cold?
doesn't matter anyway.
all i know is that these faces that now look back at me,
have become a compilation of what i will one day, be.
everyone of these guys, everyone of the places we shot, 
every detail in the wardrobe, or the cut of their hair reminds me,
i was there.

these boys r like brothers, they helped make me who i am.
and i thank each one of them, and remember just why
i am nothing but, at the end of the day,
a very lucky guy...