i was almost an abortion

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Best Vocal Deep House 2012 Mixed

some days i wake up and i feel like i've failed.
i look down at the calendar, see nothing written down, and then
my head starts to spin, my body starts to ache,
what do i do now, no one hires me, well, 
not the clients i seek,
and i continue my plight down a spiral that makes me feel weak. 
as i try one more time to make calls to someone,
i feel misery take over, and then i know that i'm done.
i check facebook, then i twitter,
about nothing really, well, whatever.
and then out of nowhere, i'll flip through the web,
and my eye catch something
i should have missed, but instead,
i stop, and i stare, 
a rush floods my mind back to a time back as i recall being there.
all those faces, all the bodies, the sweat, and the cocks,
some hard without trying, others too nervous to ever be,
and i realize that really,
i am quite lucky.
maybe i can't remember their names, or when it was,
but each photo tells me something that i just can't explain...
i know every second, in almost every case,
was it hot? was it cold?
doesn't matter anyway.
all i know is that these faces that now look back at me,
have become a compilation of what i will one day, be.
everyone of these guys, everyone of the places we shot, 
every detail in the wardrobe, or the cut of their hair reminds me,
i was there.

these boys r like brothers, they helped make me who i am.
and i thank each one of them, and remember just why
i am nothing but, at the end of the day,
a very lucky guy...


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